The Institute of Indian Foundrymen

(Affiliated Member of World Foundrymen Organisation)

IIF CENTRE, 335 Rajdanga Main Road, East Kolkata Township P.O., Kolkata 700107
Phone: +91 (033) 2442 4489 / 6825 / 7385, Fax: +91 (033) 2442 4491, Website:


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I, do hereby request to be admitted to the class of membership as decided by The Institute of Indian Foundrymen. If admitted, I undertake, to abide by the rules & regulations of the Institute in force.

Applicant is notified that IIF reserves the right to accept or reject an application at its sole discretion. In case application is rejected fees paid will be refunded

Qualification to be satisfied for membership (MIIF): Bye law 8

Every applicant for election or transfer to the class of member shall satisfy the following conditions:
That he has completed 28 years of age at the time of application and has held at least for three years, a position of responsibility in a technical or an
executive or a teaching capacity in the foundry or related industry or in a kindred institute and possesses such academic qualifications as considered
sufficient by the National Council.

Qualification to be satisfied for student membership: Bye law 10

Every applicant for election or transfer to this class of membership shall satisfy the following conditions:
That the applicant is a student of foundry or mechanical or metallurgical subjects in a recognised school, college or institute, or a technical trainee in a
foundry at the time of application. He can remain a student member for the period of this course in college, subject to a maximum of 3 years (as amended)

Qualification to be satisfied for affiliateship:
Bye law 11
This class of membership is meant for such persons who may not be directly connected with the foundry industry, but has an interest in this field shall be
eligible to become an affiliate member of the institute subject to The National Council being satisfied of their interest in the foundry industry and of their standing.