SMS Siemag revamped second 400 tonne converter at Duisburg Bruckhausen works of ThyssenKrupp - Sep 15

The 400 tonne converter at ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG, Germany, in the Duisburg Bruckhausen works went into production immediately after the successful revamp by SMS Siemag Germany, in July 2014.


The new converter vessel is one of the largest of its kind worldwide. The design developed by SMS Siemag has enabled the construction of a much larger converter vessel: With an unchanged quantity of up to 400 tonnes of material charged, the internal volume of the converter has been increased by 24%.


Thanks to the lamella suspension system developed by SMS Siemag, the existing mounting space can now be used more efficiently. The lamella suspension comprises a maintenance-free converter suspension for arranging the converter vessel in the trunnion ring without restraint.


The additional volumetric capacity enables a more environment-friendly process control and a more efficient energy recovery. This expansion will be done for reasons inherent to the production process and it is not associated with increasing volumes.


Mr Tim Moscheik, Project Manager of the converters revamp, ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe in Duisburg Bruckhausen said that “We would like to thank all parties involved for their performance and commitment. The project is a very good example of the fact that precise agreements, an open attitude towards one another, good communication and close cooperation between the subsuppliers, our specialist departments and the Oxygen Steelworks I have paid off.”


Mr Wolfgang Schulte, Senior Engineer of the Plant development department, ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe said that “Converter I, which has been on stream again for almost one year, delivers good results and fulfils our high level requirements. For Converter II, we have already awarded acceptance after a 14 days period. We are very satisfied.”


SMS Siemag supplied the converter, the supporting ring, the vessel fastening with its patented lamella suspension system of the latest generation, the trunnion bearings and the bearing supports. The solution developed by SMS Siemag makes it possible to retain and continue to use the existing converter tilt drive.


SMS Siemag has also been responsible for the dismantling of the existing converter plant, the installation of the plant components as well as the erection of a new converter platform. The revamp has been carried out by the ThyssenKrupp MillServices & Systems GmbH, Duisburg, Germany.




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