Outokumpu showcases its expertise in surface finishes for building and infrastructure projects - September 18

Outokumpu showcased its high quality offering in surface finishes in simultaneous events in Germany and China and demonstrated why stainless steel is used increasingly in demanding building and infrastructure projects.


At both events, Outokumpu exhibited three of its latest products; 2R2 a highly reflective, smooth finish in high volume production; GritLine a bright surface with improved properties through rolling; and Laser a new surface finish with random pattern that depicts a homogeneous surface, ideal for large façade elements.


Mr Mika Seitovirta CEO of Outokumpu said that “Stainless steel is the preferred material for modern building and construction due to its high mechanical strength, resistance to corrosion, aesthetics and cost efficiency. It performs well in extreme climate conditions and needs little maintenance.”


In both Dillenburg and Shanghai, China, Outokumpu displayed its broad range of surface finishes, many of which adorn some of the world’s most famous buildings, from the Chrysler building and One World Trade Center in New York, to the new headquarters of the Ping An Finance Center in Shenzhen, China. On September 15, Outokumpu announced the delivery of over 800 tonnes of special surface stainless steel for the creation of the facades of Baosteel’s head offices in Shanghai (48,000 m2 of facade) and Guangzhou, China.


Mr Seitovirta said that “These landmark buildings are more than just beautiful architectural masterpieces. They also tell about the advantages of high quality stainless steel and underscore Outokumpu’s position as one of the world’s leading innovators in advanced materials.”


The Chrysler building is a great example of low maintenance. It was built in 1930 and except of few panels which have been replaced, the stainless steel roof is original and has been manually cleaned only twice. For the One World Trade Center, Outokumpu designed a brand new surface with random patterns to fit in with the critical surface demands of the architect. The Marina Bay Helix bridge in Singapore features high strength and corrosion resistant duplex to ensure low maintenance and continuing beauty in hot and humid maritime conditions.


Mr Seitovirta stressed the importance of technical expertise and support for customers that “The requirements for cost-efficient, high performing, sustainable buildings are growing and those stainless steel suppliers that can offer technical expertise, innovation and end to end project support will lead the pack. Outokumpu is one of the suppliers; one which takes building and infrastructure to new heights.”




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